Sending Eth from ledger

*I’m new to the world of crypto and I have a problem. I wanted to transfer Ethereum (ETH) to a Ledger from Binance and I used Manta Network for the transaction, which Ledger does not support. I have connected MetaMask to my Ledger and added Manta Network using Now, I can see my ETH on the Manta Network in MetaMask.

My question is, how can I transfer my ETH either back to Ledger or to Binance? When I try to send my coins to a wallet on Binance, I encounter an error.*


Hi @dzigidzon you also tried to send a smaller amount? for example 0.001 ETH


Hi, I am not an expert, the only reason I am offering opinion is because you didnt receive other answers.
I really don’t know much about Manta, but there is always an option to use any of the bridges to bridge funds to another chain, such as the Mainnet, or Linea for lower fees.
Once you have your funds there, you can reliably send from, for example Linea to Binance.

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