Sending UST (Wormhole) to my Binance BSC account

First of all I couldnt set the correct categorie.

I made a UST transfer from my MM account to my BNB Binance account (I made before the bridge between Terra and BSC) but my funds didnt arrive.
Here you have my completed Tx: https ://

Would be possible to recuperate those funds?

Hi @CaterpieRocoso probably YES :grinning: you need to contact Binance support:

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Hello, is the address you mentioned the address of the binance exchange or your personal wallet address? If it is a personal wallet address, you can transfer it out directly in the BSC chain. If it is an exchange address, you need to contact the binance exchange

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The adress is the Binance exchange adress. I made a refund order and they are making a manual review (will be completed in 3 bussines days), lets see if is going good.

Thanks for your help Sirs!


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