Sent BUSD from Metamask Velas to Binance BSC

  • By mistake I sent BUSD from Metamask Velas account to BSC BUSD Binance address.
    Binance is not supporting Velas network. Therefore understand BUSD can not be recovered.
  • My BUSD address on Binance is same on Ethereum and BSC network.
  • My BUSD address in Velas wallet is same for Velas and BSC address.
    Is it possible that after Binance will support Velas network, my BUSD address for BSC and Velas on Binance will be same and BUSD sent today from Metamask Velas network to Binance, will appear in Binance Velas address?

Hey @Vladi, welcome to the MetaMask community!

You can try contacting the Binance team to see if there is anything they can do for you. As to whether or not they will support Velas network, you would have to ask them also.

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Thank you. Sure I’ve asked them, but to receive reply is not easy thing there. I also received repy from Velas, that for such cases in the past Binance could not help. My main question is what’s happening with BUSD now. Is the transaction pending and waiting when respective address on Velas network will appear or since such address is not existing now, when transaction took place, they just burnt, disappeared…?

Unfortunately, the tokens are lost and irretrievable, even if Binance were to add Velas network later on.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base: