Sent crypto to wrong network


I sent BNB from my Binance account to the GoChain network in Metamask. After importing the BNB token to GoChain, the funds did not show up and then I realized that I made a mistake. The contract address 0xfE17A2F683BA77e01E7b7c6157EA4428edB7A4D0. Is there a way to recover my tokens or are they lost forever?

HI Jackie @jcousteau1000 send me Transaction Hash :slightly_smiling_face:

You send it to your :point_down: MetaMask address?

go chain

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Yes, I sent the BNB to my GoChain Metamask address in the picture. I did not use this txid.

I don’t have my day today :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

So this address :point_down: is not yours?

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Im sorry for relaying confusing information let me specify:

Metamask address for GoChain:

BscScan contract address for my transaction when I sent BNB to the address above: :point_up_2:

txid from Binance:

So that address 0xfE17A2F683BA77e01E7b7c6157EA4428edB7A4D0 is yours?
and you sent to this address :point_up_2: 0.0995 BNB
and when you switch the network to BSC :thinking: you don’t see BNB there?

correct! Both networks show 0 BNB



and the MetaMask wallet displays address 0xfE17…A4D0 ?

Yes… that is the Metamask address

I see other tokens :point_down:at that address :thinking: do you see these tokens on your wallet?

I removed those tokens for security reasons.

BSC network do you have set up like this? :point_down: What browser are you using?

Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

yes, this is correct.

Have you tried another browser + MetaMask wallet?

I haven’t tried that yet simply because I can see the Ethereum that use for gas fees in the BSC network. If didnt see anything, then I would assume that there was an issue with my Metamask app.
If you suggest that I try a new browser and reinstall the app, I will do so.

Now you use Chrome browser?

Yes I use Chrome browser

OK do not uninstall the wallet yet :slightly_smiling_face: only try Firefox browser + MetaMask and your old seed phrase.

Ok…it is there.


YEAH super :smiley: :+1: