Sent ETH from Metamask to Ronin wallet

Awesome, thanks man!

hola yo tengo problema similar , retire de ronin a metamask pero no tenia saldo en metamask para la cuota de gas y no llego la transaccion , ya acredite en metamask para pagar esa cuota y no llego tampoco ayuda please , en ronin me figura q se envio correctamente dese el inicio

did you fix it? have the same problem

Tried importing my ronin private key to metamaks but still my eth is not there. Help :disappointed:

it worked for me !! .

Hi’ were you able to fix it? I’m having the same issue

Did you fix it? I’m having the same “duplicate” issue 🥲

So, my Ronin Bridge always says loading. Nothing loads up.

Then I copied the ETH address on my Ronin Wallet over to my Metamask Wallet to transfer ETH. Shows it has been transferred but I do not see any ETH in my Ronin wallet.

I have the same problem too. But I also have hardware wallet. I can’t see my private key because of it. anyone know how?

Hi @PGNM you have hardware wallet Trezor or Ledger? Try this guide :point_down:

I use Trezor. Does it work with Trezor?
thank you , I will try

@PGNM YES :upside_down_face: it work with Trezor.

please help me here,…i claim my slp and try put into my ronin…so now i try to withdraw it using bridge but my problem now is i copy my ronin add instead of metamask add to it…so i paste my ronin add to suppose metamask add and success in my transact…but now all my slp is now gone…can o retrieve it.pls help.

After you did this your eth was added right away or how many did you wait to get you eth from the import account?

How many hours did you wait to recover your eth? I tried it but until now it says 0 eth

My metamask prompted “The account you’re are trying to import is a duplicate” when i copy the private key of ronin onto Metamask. Do you have any idea why?

Hello. This morning I sent 475.437666 USDT from my metamask wallet ( 0x6F85977250cB23fD5094c9a4122251E1F20F5881) to gateio wallet (0x250A6E1988e53852dfb1b6EEC2380FEdd3F8D6D9 ). I think it was wrong adress. It should be USDT adress. I realised a few minutes later.
Txn Hash : 0xbc651353e1bfda9228dde5f0f94643894ac3e6bcffe5e520b3f896f6aec3e7eb
Gateio said that “velas chain is not supported” and now neither metamask wallet nor Gateio wallet recieved USDT.

Please help me

really? bro i hope i really got it after fews hour

My problem is same. support request (#494194).