Sent to wrong address

Guys im going to keep this brief,
i copied and pasted the desired address which i wanted to send my BUSD to, which is binance account.

after waited 5mins i noticed it wasnt in yet and was wondering why, so i checked the transaction details, and it got sent to the binance pegged busd contract… can anyone please help.

thank you

If you add the the needed networks to your metamask, the BUSD should be there, if still not, check that you have the correct tokens added under the correct network

When I sent it on my MetaMask, it was on the right network, and I’ve already had the busd contract token added already.
Currently showing 0

I tried sending it to my account on binance

If its BUSD, you wont see it on the Ethereum Mainnet, you will need to add the Binance network. Have you got Binance network added onto your Metamask?

Yes my network was on the bsc network when it sent it… it’s been sent to the wrong address busd peg. How can this issue be resolved