Sent tokens from Coinbase wallet to Metamask somehow, inbetween they went to a Null wallet, any advise?


I’ve sent erc20 tokens from my coinbase wallet to my metmask and somehow, they’ve been sent to a Null wallet.

When i check the Txhash, as below. 0x56c6b85d0dd71307910616dc80b6c68cd02800aa2f205ba47979dc303d43c67e

And also my coinbase, it was always sent from one wallet to another, i can see both addresses listed but for some reason Its diverted. I’ve never had this before, any suggestions?


Hello @Darkwallet !
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Do you only experience this when you transact this token?

I am sure that this is a scam token in the smart contract of which the function of selling / transferring to another wallet is disabled (except for the wallets of the creators ofc).
Please be aware when interacting with this, I advise you to read the following article:

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Yep, it was only from this token.
It was purchased on Uniswap, everything seemed legit but obviously not.

Appreciate the response.

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