Sent USDC out from Metamask via Cronos network to a Ftx ERC20 address

Hi would like to seek some help.

I’ve sent USDC out from my metamask via cronos network to a Ftx ERC20 address. I understand I’ve used the wrong network.

I can see my fund stucked in the cronos explorer in the erc20 address. Is there any way I can retrieve it?

I’ve raised a support ticket with ftx and pending their reply. But wish to seek some answers here as well if all hope is lost.

Thanks in advance.


You cannot recover since you do not possess the secret phrase nor do you control it. You will need the assistance of FTX customer support.


hi, thanks for responding!

I’m still waiting for their reply, but is the fund possible to recover in your POV?

Hi everyone, just like to provide an update.

FTX replied and informed that the deposit was done via an unsupported chain and thus I did not receive the funds. However out of goodwill, they refunded 95% of it into my account and that I should take extra care of it next time during transfers.

I’m happy to get back 95% as compared to losing it all. So yay to FTX. Painful lesson and fees for this transfer but always test transfer 1buck first guys.

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Thanks for providing the answer @life :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Good to know that FTX does provide some refunds for token transfers on the wrong network.