Sent USDT on Polygon Mainnet to Binance through Binance Smart Chain, didn't receive funds

I need some help. I sent USDT from my Metamask wallet to my USDT wallet on Binance using the Polygon Mainnet, but I sent it through Binance Smart Chain, and I didn’t think at the time that it was an issue. The transaction was successful, and I didn’t receive the funds. When I look up the transaction on block explorer, I can see the funds sitting in the wallet. Can I get them back?

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Heya Evan -

If I’m following correctly, it sounds like you didn’t send to the Polygon USDT on Binance?

Here is some more information on the Metamask Knowledge Base for networks if it helps -

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Metamask was set to the Polygon Mainnet. I had USDT in that account. I copied my USDT Binance Smart Chain address through Binance & sent my USDT from Metamask to that Binance address.

There was no option to use the Polygon network on Binance when depositing USDT. I just didn’t realise that I was sending my USDT through the Polygon network, because I am still not 100% familiar with Metamask. I also, didn’t realise it was going to be an issue.

TX: 0x4f035f770279dfccff0309a57cfe2fd222131af6af5a4da174bb5d74b34bc1b9

Got it - so from what I’m seeing it doesn’t look like there is USDT on polygon available on Binance.

I found this article on Binance that might be helpful? I wouldn’t do anything you’re not comfortable with but have a read through. I do not work for MetaMask so I can’t share links on here. I replaced the actual dot . before the .com in this web link with the words (dot), you’ll just have to change it back to the actual dot … for the link to work. You can see the link will lead you to the binance website.


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Also, it would be worth asking Binance if there is any way they’d be willing to help you. There is a chance they can but they might not do it. Worth an ask!


It looks like the USDT tokens were sent to the wrong network on Binance. Unfortunately, these tokens cannot be retrieved, but as @KBee mentioned I would reach out to the Binance team to see if there is anything they can do for you.

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