Share experience scammed by a direct message

Hello everyone,

i want to share my experience get direct message.

The purpose of this topic.

I want to remind newbie.

Recognize scammers without needing to get pain.

And I want give good things to people in MetaMask community.

***Beware, these pictures are scammers.

Always think that people who direct message Most of them are scammers.

Type: Mail fake MetaMask

This is not an email from a MetaMask.

ignore it and do not press any link.

In telegram
It will come in the form we have a problem and go for help.

It will come in the form we have a problem and go for help.

Picture 1 A scammer will Direct Message you. fake profile as admin or mod

Every admin will name up not direct message others first

If people have experience for a long time, you will easily notice.

Picture 2-5 easy named as someone who helper.

may be fooling many groups waste time changing name.

Most of them should have asked for a secret code.

Asked for your address and sent you a seed word.

Cause them to do everything Alert

Remedy when scam: ignore

but If you miss it, and just give private key[sub acount in MetaMask](acount 2 3 4)

another acount you may survive.

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Uploading: b02.jpg…

The following image will be in the form of an airdrop distribution**(SCAM)**.

You’ll notice that people in the chat have many profiles that are scammers. pretand to get it

Image of a bot pulling people into a group.

Most will let us go to an approved contact.

allowing scammer to transfer money from your wallet

solution if miss: may be able to revoke

Uploading: c02.jpg…

The following image will be in the form of sending money to the address and hoping to send the money back(SCAM).

Solution if miss: If the amount is very large. and it is in some currency like usdt
You may contact Tether so he can help you with the money.
Not guaranteed and very costly.

Or in some chains we may contact support to suspend scammer acount at kyc, not success guaranteed and may very costly.

I hope the topic that I posted will be useful to the community.

If you like it, press like.
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I took many time to collecting because some days the scammer didn’t talk to me at all. LoL

and next topic in discord and mint nft(SCAM) oncoming

@nakedwinnie @Luigi
I hope my topic is helpful.
for newbie form metamask community.

Thanks for sharing!

Watch out for those scammers :imp:

@orangecatcrypto Thanks for informations :slightly_smiling_face:

The telegram is a dangerous place for crypto novices.

Joanne the Scammer