SLP Missing in Assets

Dear Support,

I have transferred almost 5K SLP from Ronin to Metamask All I am seeing is pending and Etherscan log shows:

Simulation of the transaction failed, returning an error: tracing failed: max fee per gas less than block base fee: address 0x78cD2c5CA814465d018e7E5CEE20aCa54afdD085, maxFeePerGas: 40460616402 baseFee: 43164331441

Please help me, I have to recover those SLPs.

Thank you,

The transasction was successful now but it is not showing in my assets.

My wallet:

Please check.

Please help me out with this.

I don’t feel comfortable putting in my security phrase into an unknown website. Are you a scammer?

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Hi @webgeek open this page :point_down: and click on the fox :fox_face: icon

OR click Add Token and Token Contract Address SLP is 0xcc8fa225d80b9c7d42f96e9570156c65d6caaa25

PS: MetaMask :fox_face: wallet does not need any validation page :bangbang: