Sold 567,420,055.525302839 for $2300.00 but only received $56.78?

Hello, Can someone please help with my situation. Yesterday I sold 567,420,055.525302839 worth $2300.00 but only received 5$57.68 back to my wallet?

transaction id:0xb263e407b31f2cd964e99476efbb2b59f8c20a530f4000fcd7f2b7a42aeaa367

I ca not upload the screenshots because this account has just been activated?

According to the price of X2P it is 57 usd? How did you calculate the 2300 USD price?

Unless your looking at something different. The balance of my X2P yesterday in my account was 2300.00 between 4:40 and 5:00pm at the time of execution. If your apart of the support team please advise for further resolution. For some reason I am unable to forward a screenshot at this time because I just opened this community account. Thanks in advance bud!

I am not part of the support team, just a user. But if you are looking at the price Metamask calculates in USD based on the number of tokens, that is always wrong in my experience.

If you want to know your real value, go to a chart page, like Coinmarketcap or Coingeko and look at the price of the coins there and do the math.

Never believe what Metamask tells you.

For me it happens the other way around, it tells me I have much less value than the real value I am holding. I am not sure how Metamask calculates the USD value or what service it uses to get real time value, but it doesn’t always work.

Thank you for the info. I referenced trust wallet and coinbase on the price… I did cross reference with coin market cap and assumed coin market cap had a glitch but I understand what you mean. Thanks bruh…