Saitama not showing value

I swapped my ETH with $1000 + to SAITAMA but there is no value. Please help and investigate

@Manxmanx sometimes tokens that are new or have low liquidity don’t reflect the value of holdings in the wallet. Did you check your public address on Etherscan? It’ll show the correct balance.

Can you show me how to look for it? This is my first time doing crypto. I would appreciate it.

Just visit etherscan[dot]io and enter your wallet address there. You’ll see your wallet holdings and recent transactions there.

Kindly show me how to look for my wallet address from MetaMask. Thanks

When you open your MetaMask wallet, you’ll see your address at the top with ‘Account 1’. You can copy by clicking on it.

I see the balance but the value is 0.00

Please help and investigate. Thank you

Maybe I am looking at different information. Can you provide guidance what to look look for after I pasted my wallet address at MetaMask? Thank you for your help!

Can you provide step by step direction. Please.

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I think I got hacked. It is showing a value of 0.00 of my balance . Pleas help

Oh god it is a lot of money.

i did similar mistake. i sent my money from binance to my Metamask wallet by using BEP20 and i had no idea about networks of Metamask. try to add coin into your Metamask wallet maybe you can see your balance after adding. if you sent the money to right address which somebody already said how to copy and see " after clicking on ur Metamask extension, it is at above somewhere near the “account1” word. just by clickingyou can copy. go and check where you sent the money. if they are same, then don’t worry you can get your money back anyway.

just google how to add coins into your Metamask and check how did you sent the money, i mean which network you used. if you used BEP20, go google how to add binance smart chain network, and apply the steps, there are many videos.
if you sent it with ERC20 then you can just add coin at your main Ethereumnet, which is already set.

i wish it helps.

i said add coin, meaning is not send coin, just click to add new coin, at the network you sent, then choose the coin type and add it.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Metamask support is not supportive at all. I wish I could talk to them directly and help me with my issue