Metamask Wallet Value Issue

Hello, I am having an issue in regards to the value of my Metamask wallet.

I am very new to this space and am attempting to learn how to write ethereum smart contracts. To do so, I have acquired 0.5 rinkeby test ether from a rinkeby faucet. The problem however is that my account balance stays at 0 ether, even though it shows the transactions of ether under the activity column as well as on rinkeby etherscan. My account is under the rinkeby test network. When trying to transfer 0.1 ether from one account to another, Metamask says I do not have sufficient funds in my wallet to do so. I have attached an image showing the account balance at 0 as well as the activity column of my metamask wallet which shows the ether being transferred into my account. I have also attached an image of my account in rinkeby etherscan.

I am very new to this space so any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

please post in proper sections.

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