Fiat value for token disappeared

Hi, tried searching for a similar topic to no avail. Something very odd is happening. Saitama token is listed in my wallet with the correct amount of tokens but USD value field missing, please refer to the screenshots here.

I got the tokens on Dec 4 2021, logged in a few months later and the USD value is gone. Etherscan mentioned something about a token migration in June of this year so I figured that’s the problem. I followed the instruction to the letter and ended up with another Saitama showing up with 0 USD value. See below:

I said ok maybe I have to transfer from the old one to the new one, which I did for $0.37 gas fee but both seemed to have the same address so I essentially transferred from the same to same and the amount decreased as you can see below but the USD value is still missing.

What am I doing wrong here?

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hey @Cilician , welcome to the MetaMask community. :fox_face:

It is normal if the wallet does not properly display the fiat value of your tokens.
Check out this article’s introduction.

Speaking of Saitama, other people have discussed the issue of not showing value before.


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