Has my balance been stolen? PLEASE help

hi all, i’d really appreciate some help.

I sent 1.5K USD worth of etherium twice in to my meta mask - directly from my coinbase - this was the first time i have done this… the transactions were successful and reflected in my account balance… very shortly after, my balance had dissapeard. i checked etherscan and my wallet balance is 0$ and i can see two unauthorised transactions OUT from my meta wallet to two different addresses i am totally unaware of… i didnt make any of these transactions and now i have 0$ balance in my wallet… have i been scammed or can this be done by metamask for any reason?

Does metamask ever change your wallet address or could there be any other accounts related to my waller that it may have sent to? i am new to this, but i have no idea why there are transactions out and now i have 0$ balance. I have raised the ticket with meta mask, but i would really appreciate any help…

thanks all.