Some of my tokens went missing along the way. Not all of the coins arrived!

Hey there!
So, here’s what happened: I was withdrawing 2 dollars from Bybit, but only 0.000000000002 arrived in my wallet.
I’m really curious, where did the rest go?
Also, I bought 169,825,952,196.182803 AIDOGE through Camelot, but only received 0.16982 AIDOGE. Where did the remaining amount disappear to?
All of this occurred on the Arbitrum network.
Can you please advise me on what to do and how to proceed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you add tokens through Coingecko?

Hide token:

Open in browser :point_down: find the correct contract address and click on the fox :fox_face: icon.

Or try :point_down: How to add a token using a block explorer


Yeah, all the tokens have been added. I’ve attached screenshots to the message. You can see that the amount has been credited, but it’s way smaller. I sent two dollars, but I received 0.000000000002. So many zeros before the two! It totally caught me off guard. I bought 169,825,952,196.182803 AIDOGE, but I received only 0.16982. Again, a zero before the amount.

It’s the first time something like this has happened to me.

Sometimes it happens that the MetaMask displays the wrong numbers :smile: When you check your eth address on do you see the correct amount?

Most of the time it helps to use the coingecko site…


Phew, thank you! It worked! I added the Arbitrum ONE network, and all the tokens appeared as expected. However, they weren’t showing up when Arbitrum Internal was enabled. So, I switched to the Arbitrum ONE network, removed the tokens, and added them again through CoinGecko. Thanks, buddy, for the helpful tip!

P.S. But those zeros before the amount still seem like a mysterious trick to me. How does that happen?

That’s a mystery :smile: hehe
Use coingecko, it’s a good site.


Just an issue with the number of decimals listed for the token, depending on how you imported it.

Nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


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