Stormx from Voyager to Here

I sent 90,000 stmx from Voyager to here, and it has not come in since I placed the transaction 2 days ago. Will it ever come in or have I lost 5,000 dollars?

Hi Furyredbird, send you ETH adress or add your ETH adress to and create screenshot :point_right: Token:

Or try add stmx contract adress: 0xbe9375c6a420d2eeb258962efb95551a5b722803
How to add Custom Tokens

What are you needing for me to do? Are you trying to send me some ETH?

How will this help me get my 90811.5 tokens that have not come to metamask yet from Voyager?
I tried what you sent me to do but I still get no coins showing. I appreciate the help however.
Voyager said they were having technical difficulties and have assured me that my coins are safe. Nevertheless until I see any coins showing up I’m still feeling vulnerable. Is there anything you can do on your side to help expedite the matter at hand?

On voyager site writes: We are aware withdrawals are taking longer than usual, and the team is working to process withdrawal requests as well as enable transfers on more assets in the Voyager app.

You have to wait :slightly_smiling_face:

I get it. I have to wait. It seems to be taking forever though. Any other crypto platform the wait is usually just a couple of hours not going on to over 4 and a half days now. Are you part of the Metamask support team?

I get it :slightly_smiling_face: 5,000 dollars a lot of money.

No no :smile: I am not member Metamask support :fox_face: only Metamask fans.

Must contact Voyager support :point_down:

$5,000 was slot of money. That was the amount I invested … after fees I ended up with $4927 in stmx coin at 0.05427 per coin. Today the coin would be worth considerably more. At last check it is now at 0.084456 or 7776 I am loosing money and my family’s only opportunity to get out of being dirt poor.

YES this is bad situation :confused: Voyager not good page.

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Furyredbird !! :fox_face: :rocket:

As @Luigi was saying, be sure to add the custom token to your MetaMask wallet. Once the transaction completes, the tokens should appear in your wallet.

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