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Hello everyone, I am looking for a technically experienced supporter. Preferably someone who works at metamask…I transferred ETH from metamask to an ERC-20 wallet, which the external system assigned to me. But now it is the case that the third-party system does not support Binance smart chain. My ETH have arrived after Bscscan, but I don’t see them in external system and the operator of the external system (Wirex) tells me that there is no way on his part to reject the ETH. The sender system, i.e. Metamask, only has the option of getting my Eth back. Here is the tx hash to check again.


Please can you help me…

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You have successfully sent the ETH of BSC chain to wirxx. However, because the other party does not support BSC chain, you cannot recharge. Metamask itself is a decentralized wallet. After you send it successfully, you cannot recover the assets. You can only contact wirx for assistance. Maybe there is a chance


Hello Steven,

Thank you for your message.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in answering - I was out of business hours and was unable to update you on time.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with it, as these funds weren’t credited to us. It’s technically impossible.

In such cases, we recommend to our customers contact the sending platform to assist manually.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience.

I’ve been getting this response for days…They Metamask tell me they can’t get the money back…Wirex tells me they never received it. How the hell do I get my money? I’ve been chasing my money for almost 2 weeks. It’s getting annoying. mainly because I depend on the money.

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Your ETH (Binance-Peg Ethereum Token) is still here: Address 0xb97f756ab8fdf7652e4e6ea4f935455e00119e5c | BscScan

ONLY wirex can return them to you.
Problem is that Wirex does not support BSC network for ETH deposit.

Similar problem is here :point_down: so far without a solution


Vielen Dank für den hinweis diesem tread werde ich Folgen… und selber weiter druck machen. Was ich aber seltsam finde das Metamask selber keine Möglichkeit hat das Geld zurück zu holen.

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