Stranger Things

I transferred from Kraken to MetaMask 43.0611 USDT. The transaction is verified on the Kraken side. 0.00000000000430611 USDT appeared in the MetaMask wallet. How is it possible?

Hi @lykylivo, welcome to MetaMask community!

You most likely didn’t select the correct number of token decimal. Remove the USDT token from your wallet and use Coinmarketcap or Coingecko to add it, for the respective network.

I don’t think I was wrong because I have a correct view on Kraken

This has nothing to do with Kraken. You need to do what i said in MetaMask, to be able to view your token properly.

Sorry but I’m a newbie. Can you explain to me in detail what I should do? Thank you

On Portfolio is correct

No worries, i’m here to help.

Check these 2 article guides in their entirety. They explain how to remove a token from your MetaMask wallet and how to add it again, through multiple methods. The one i mentioned with CMC and CG is just one of them.


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