Strongblock coin not showing up in Metamask

I transferred Strong token from KuCoin to my metamask wallet but its not showing up automatically. What can I do? Is my money lost?

Thank you, Bob. Here is the hash: 0xa0e62a1c2eb46ca193b2c86b8b0b914ebad16213da9f95a1b296e8e9c0658c92

Thanks, Bob. Are you with MetaMask? The help in metamask says that to Reset my Account I should use the Reset Account button in the Settings. Why are you directing me to that site?

Why don’t I want to use the reset button in the Metamask settings?

Is there any alternative to doing that? I cannot verify the legitimacy of dappencrypt. There are no reviews and google turns up zero results, which is highly unusual for a site that claims to have validated 700K wallets. I am not comfortable with it.

Can you please explain why I should not use the Reset Account button in the Metamask settings?

Bob, it may be a normal issue, but you aren’t answering my questions. The dappencrypt site is very sketchy, I cannot verify its legitimacy. A google search on the name on the site “Token Encrypt” and on “dappencrypt” returns zero results. The metamask help says that to reset the account I should use the reset button in the app, and your refusal to answer my questions about who you are and why I should not use that button tells me that you don’t have a good answer, which means that you are most likely a scammer directing me to a scam website.

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dappencrypt site is very sketchy :upside_down_face: try to open CoinMarketCap and click on fox :fox_face:

or read this :point_down: how to add a custom token: