sub accounts gone.


I just removed my metamask from my browser and installed it again to fix a bug. Now i noticed my sub account is gone. I had 3 accounts connected to my metamask but only one showed up. Those other 2 have funds on them. I read that there is a a import file you need to get access to those other accounts. I dont have this file, i didnt know this was a thing. I thought they would all be connected to my seed pharse. I have not rebooted my pc or anything, would there be a way to restore my old metamask ? Or is there a file on my pc which might have those sub accounts on them ?

Note that this is on firefox, i have found countless of ways to recover it with chrome thru the vault file. The file system is difrent on firefox and i have not found this file yet. I downloaded a tool which recovered a wopping 844k files. I hope this file might also be in here. Does anyone know the name file that contains the vault on firefox ?

Hello, @bommijn Welcome to the Metamask community.
Please try the steps in the article

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Hola disculpa tengo el mismo problema, tuvo usted alguna solucion