Swap BNB to Manta and value to 0

Quite new in this world
yesterday i swapped from BNB to Manta, i do own a number of MANTA but the value is score to 0 and i can’t swap the MANTA …as if the value was really 0. Need help from the support here
Thank you


hey @LaurentL ,What platform did you use to swap bnb to manta?

Manta is a different network from BNB. You should not be able to directly exchange bnb into manta. So I’m worried that you bought a fake manta token on the bnb network.


Hi Tuya, first thanks for your support, secondly, how difficult it is to gat a REPLU button !!! thirdly if what i did should not be allowed …WHY MetaMask platform allowes it ??? I did my swap from MetaMask , i could send you printscreen of my account . I bought for 1k euros of manta … thank you for your help Regards Laurent

Hi @LaurentL , welcome to MetaMask community!

MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet. It has no control over your wallet or what you do with it. You are the only one in control. There’s a difference between bridging and swapping. Bridging means transferring a token from one network to another, by using a Bridge dapp. Swapping means simply exchanging a token for another on the same network. Manta has its own network, but if you exchanged BNB for Manta on BSC network then you didn’t actually get the real Manta you were thinking about and there’s always a chance you could have gotten a scam token, which you can’t exchange back due to its scammy nature.

Always make sure you do your own research before interacting with anything.


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