Swap error no $ value

error fetching quote there has been an unexpected error please request new quotes to get the latest best rate (error:error-fetching-quotes) i get this message when i try to swap kishu to eth ? any idea and my kishu dont show any $ value in the apps

I have the same problem, and also can not send.
Have you contact the help center directly?

No I haven’t and I don’t know how to contact them plz if you did and you fix it let me know

Same problem after trying to swap pivatchu token V1 to V2. Now I’d like to convert pikatchu to ETH IMPOSSIBLE “error fetching quote please request new quotes to get the latest best rate”

im having exacty same problem cant swap kishu for anything and it has no balance in fiat at all, has anyone figured this out ???

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also once i opened and linked wallet to my desktop my kishu wallet is no were to be seen

Me too swapped ether for telcoin, just paid the fee and everything the amount i put in the coins also gone but the payment is confirmed in the history it showing it added 1667 coins but stil dont got it

I have the same problem went on to Twitter account for MetaMask support to try and talk to them was asked to DM them but got a strange message back about validating my wallet again snd they sent me a link but I think it is a scam Twitter said it was unsafe

Did you sort your problem out

You can find the answer to your question regarding the “no quotes” message in this Knowledge Base article.

I swap 0/175 Eth to kisho. my transaction was failed. and I had eror but I losses all my Eth. gasfee was 400 usd but I loss all rth. pleas answer where is it?!!
its my transaction link