Swap function should remove out of wallet

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I lost money because of swap and I also see a lot of people is the same.
If swap does not have recovery or refund in case errors.
I think Swap have to remove out of wallet or use other wallet.

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Hi @utcuong3010 ,

The swap function in the wallet allows users to search for the best swap across several exchanges.

See the “Things to know before swapping” section of this MetaMask article. As users, we need to complete our own research before swapping. Let us know if you have any questions!


yes, but We have to other function for refund or recovery also . If not we should remove

Hi @utcuong3010 ,

Transactions completed on blockchain aren’t reversable. This isn’t MetaMask’s doing, but how transactions work. This is why it’s super important to move slowly and review all the information being provided and cross checking what you’re signing off on.

The article @tuya shared here:

is a great place to start for diving into how to dive deeper into this.


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