I lost my money by swapping a non-liquid token in the metamask

Yesterday, I accidentally swapped 10 Beth to 0.01 eth.
I didn’t know there was no fluidity.
I misunderstood that the swap ratio was gas cost.

Metamasks require an anti-swap system if there is too much difference in swap ratio.
Common sense is to swap 10 Ethereum, but does anyone want to swap 0.01 Ethereum? I’m so upset.

If the value of the coin to be swapped is significantly reduced, alternatives such as warning and stop swapping are needed.

It’s a mistake that I didn’t pay attention to it, but I think this should fundamentally prevent damage to users with a metamask.

Please restore my 10 beth
Help me, please.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. In the trading center of metamask, if there is insufficient liquidity, there will be a prompt, but it will not prevent you from trading. Once the block transaction is completed, you can’t recover assets. Metamask is just a transaction aggregator


It looks like this is the contract address for the Swap router, can you send the transaction ID?


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