Swapping from ETH to USDC working, but on the way back "Error fetching quotes"

I have some MetaMask accounts with USDC on them. I’m trying to change USDC to ETH, on Ethereum mainnet. Also having ETH balance 1000$+ so swap should be covered.

I could swap my ETH to USDC but when I try to swap it back from USDC to ETH it says “Error fetching quotes”. I double checked, I’m on the proper network. I also tried to move (send) the USDC to an other account and back, and it worked! The swap was also working a few days ago… I do not want to bridge or any special things, just swapping back my stablecoins on the same network.

What can go wrong now? Thanks in advance for your kind help.

okay, restarting the browser fixed it. I leave it here so maybe it helps someone in the future…


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