SYNC metam on my PC to mobil

I currently am using Metamask only from my PC andhave staked 2 different tokens at their respective sites…with 2 accounts on my metamask PC extention.
I’m worried that if there is a power outage and my PC goes down… what happens to my Metam?
I’m trying to SYNC the PC extention with my mobile…but having trouble. I’ve followed a procedure that I got from google but it doesn’t work

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Hey @nunzi4512, nothing to worry about if your power goes out and your PC goes down. Your tokens will still be staked and accessible with your MetaMask wallet. As long as you have your Secret Recovery Phrase, you are able to access your MetaMask wallet.

If you’re having trouble syncing your PC with mobile, you can also use your Secret Recovery Phrase to access your MetaMask wallet.

Thanks again!! Question; Can I log out of my Metamask on my PC without affecting my stakes?/
Also…I just looked at my Metamask…account 3…avalanche network…at the top it says…not connected.
But when I go to the Joe web site…it shows that I have 1098 joe staked… and it shows my MM address
sorry for all of these questions…

No need to apologize for the questions! :slight_smile:

You can log out of your MetaMask without affecting your staked tokens. The Connected or Not connected just means if your MetaMask is currently connecting to the website you are currently on. If your wallet is currently connected to Trader Joe’s website, then it still show as connected.

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To log out of metamask on my PC… I click on …lock.?? If so…then when I want to log back in…I will only need my password…but not the secret recovery phrase…correct??

First you have to understand what a wallet is for.
There are actually no coins in it, but the private key is stored in it. Whether it’s a bit or not, the private key is there. The mnemonic is not stolen, the private key is yours. The corresponding coins also belong to you.
You can get the installation package of the mobile version of MM on github.
and the most important thing

This thing is only used when restoring the wallet, do not enter it anywhere else!

Correct, your will only need to password to unlock the wallet.

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