Sync Multiple Browser Extensions

I would like comments or use cases from the community on this.

Definition: The way I interpret the archetechture of Metamask is (browser extension)
I dont find use for the mobile version typically.

Metamask Browser Extension

1 ) Metamask acount with passworrd and seedphrase

  1-A ) MetamaskAccountBowserInstance
           1-A-1 ) Accounts 
                              1-A-1-a ) Internal (when you add an account in the extension)
                              1-A-1-b ) Internal imported (when you import internal MM account address from your same MM account that exist in another browser)
                              1-A-1-c ) External Imports ( pre-existing wallet addresses you have privatekeys for and then create an alias of in Metamask)
         1-A-2 ) Blockchain Network (6 prepacked, variable customs, mutually exclussive of accounts although may not funtion with addresses specific to another network)

 1-B ) Mobile Metamask ( Cumbersome )

So my problem is in keeping track of the accounnts and networks used amoung the instances of Metamask in different browsers and mobile. For instance sometimes I like that they are disjoint in that I can keep for example ETH type work in Chrome and BNB type work in FireFox. Other times I wish I could sync the current MM instance I am working in to any of the other instances of MM my account lives in, so that all account Names/orderOfaccounts/Adress/visbleTokens and Imported accounts are reproduced in the instance I am currently qworking in.

I would like to have the OPTION to Sync my MM account in a manner described above or choose to keep them in the semi-disjoint manner they currently operate in.

Let me know thoughts