Syntax of new RPC url for custom network

Hi everyone! I connect to a custom network through MetaMask.
When I specify the new RPC Url when adding the network, the following happens:

  • it is OK when i write the full ip address in the url
  • I get “cannot fetch ID” when i write the url using the domain name even though the domain name points to the same ip address.
    I was hoping that I could change afterwards the ip address without changing anything to the settings of MetaMask (just changing my DNS). But that does not work. It seems to need the plain ip address.
    Am i missing something?

Hi @djamelchekroun what RPC are you working with

I am sorry I don’t know the answer to that question.
I am just fulfilling the item “New RPC URL” in the form in MetaMask extension to Firefox to manually add a network…

I see no worries what network do you need?

I am sorry I did not make myself clear (maybe because it is forbidden in this forum to write examples of full urls in our messages…).
I would like to designate the access node of my network in MetaMask by using domain name.
This way, when i change the node to an other ip adress, i just have to change the DNS and not MetaMask network.
But unfortunately the only way that works is using ip address in MetaMask (whereas the domain name actually points to the ip address).
But maybe i should try again.

Are you using any node provider or it’s a local instance. Please check:,to%20its%20reliability%20and%20capacity.

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