Text input in other than English Language not working in Metamask browser (mobile)

When I use MetaMask app/browser on my phone, I am unable to write in a textbox in a language other than English. What could possibly be the reason?

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Hello @abubakar444, welcome to MetaMask community!

Keep in mind that the browser is not as fully-featured as a standalone mobile browser application such as Chrome or Firefox. There may be things that don’t work.

Try translating what you need it for, to English alphabet.


Thank you for the answer. I am trying to get the person’s name. If he had selected a language other than English, he would expect to input his name in his language too. How can I go around this? Should I force the user to input only in English?

I just checked and my native language is correctly entered in the input

Perhaps you are trying to enter text in a form where validation is set at the character input level?

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I just checked mine, no doesn’t work for me

Probably this language is not supported at the moment, you can open a topic with a proposal in the Features request :man_technologist:


I tried Chinese, that also didn’t work. Anyways, thank you!

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