Multilanguage support

Hi, my name is Thomas and I have an Idea! Why don’t you offer Metamask in mutlilanguage? This will help the adoption and success of metamask. I could assist you with translating in to some languages, german in first place. Even the website, if needed.
I also could coordinate following languages:

  • russian
  • romanian
  • italian
  • spanish
  • bosnian
  • dari-persian
  • and even some more…

I know the network speaks english and so the blockchain explorers. It would be helpful for people that don’t speak english very well and would make the first steps a little bit more easy.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

great idea. today i started using metamask and i have already lost some tokens

I’m sorry to hear that, hope it was not too much? You can upvote this idea in the upper left corner.

And more currency please.
of course it works if the token fiat and their logos appear.

@pitiusillo Sorry to hear about the loss. Without disclosing sensitive account info, can you let us know how we can help? Or please open a support ticket here with necessary info Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.