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Hello MetaMask community! :fox_face:

We’ve translated our Knowledge Base’s top 35 most used + most important articles into the following 15 languages: Spanish, Filipino, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Malay, Turkish, Thai, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Dutch, and Russian.

MM-MultiLang (1)

What does this mean for the future of MM documentation?

The future of crypto is not English. The future of crypto is multilingual.

We need feedback from users: suggested translations, errors in translation, or something that could be made clearer in their language.

What if the translation is wrong? What if my language isn’t included?

We would love your help and collaboration to continually improve and broaden the articles we have translated, and the languages we support

If you would like to submit a translation request for the Knowledge Base, please create a new topic and follow this format:

Article Title:

Article Link:

Translation Language:

Translation Submission: