I have found some mistranslations and typos

I’m blockchain engineer in korea, and I opened PR #17078

I have found some mistranslations and typos

I’ve sent a DM, but all it says is contact us on Twitter. Should I do this?

Hi @95decode ,

We do not have support on Twitter, do not send a DM there - assuming that is a scam. Will send the PR to our team, thanks for the heads up!


@95decode ,

Also, MetaMask does not have What’s App. The link you shared on GitHub is not valid for support, do not use it. The only place for MetaMask support is through your MetaMask wallet or at support.metamask.io , you would choose the blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble.


Thank you very much for your reply.

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AT NO TIME should you give your Secret Recovery Phrase to anyone or enter it into any site! Don’t trust someone who is sending you a direct message.