The gap between the final gas fee and the fee displayed on the web page is too large

Today I used the 0.2eth to swap a coin named paint.

The gas fee shown on page is between 0.00298-0.00328 eth

But at last it costs me 0.1 eth! This is incredible, I swap 0.2 eth in total, and there is a gas fee make me spend 0.1 eth.

I cannot upload image . The transfer ID is [removed for safety]

could somebody help me to explain this. Why the gas fee is not the same as final??

And this is the gas fee on the page…

I don’t understand why the final fee is so different from the fee shown on the website.

Hi @adsl Welcome to the MetaMask community.
I’ve opened a support ticket for you and it should reach you by email. Can you please help to share the state log in the ticket?

And we can take a deeper. look.
I’m going to remove some of this sensitive account infos here. It’s a better practice to not share this in a public forum.

I have emailed the status log and look forward to your reply.