This has been flagged as potentially suspicious. If you sign, you could lose access to all of your NFTs and any funds or other assets in your wallet

Why is there a warning about nft when transferring ether?

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Do not interact with anything unless you are 100% it’s safe and legit. I’m not sure what that transaction is for, don’t understand what it says, but for example, that website mentioned there looks very suspicious. That warning is there for a reason, to help you avoid falling for mal-intended transactions coming from different dapps which you might interact with and for which you didn’t do your research and due diligence in making sure they are legit and safe. Plenty of them are scams and approving a transaction for anything required on them, may result in loss of funds. Be very careful.

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This is my test website. so I don’t understand why a normal ether transfer is accompanied by such a warning. Why the warning about NFT and opencia

The signature transaction you are using seems to trigger that warning. You will need to be more explicit with what you are doing exactly, need more details.


In my opinion, the developers again made a bug. I’m not trying to transfer nft. I don’t use opensia. other networks are fine.

Would you open a post about this on MetaMask’s Github repository?

Hey @Cozart,

See here for more information on our Knowledge Base about this warning message:

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Hey @Cozart , have you solved this issue? We are a DEX, and now we are facing a similar problem. Users are simply depositing ETH into our deposit contract , unrelated to NFTs, but MetaMask is giving the same warning. @nakedwinnie do you have any suggestions?

Hey @ralph30, if you believe this is a false trigger, you can open up an issue here

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