Removing Warning Message on contract Interaction


We recently launched a collection on OpenSea. For this period, only NFT holders can access beta mainnet. We have encountered an issue in which MetaMask shows a warning message from OpenSea when users (NFT holders) interact with the contract (0x814d0c1903D69EB1c7ceB8F5190B20A06892d1dA). I contacted customer support of Opensea, and they directed me to MetaMask.

Please see the attached image for reference.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue and removing the warning message. I am more than happy to provide any necessary information or answer any questions you may have to expedite the process.

Thank you!


Hello @Linda_2024, welcome to MetaMask community!

I removed the name of your project in order to keep your post because it’s not allowed to post individual project names on the forum.

This is a standard message put up for user’s protection when interacting with contracts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your contract is malicious, it means that the user interacting needs to do proper research before interacting with it.

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Hi @Chinzilla thanks for your explanation. No problem removing the project name.

But the message says " this has been flagged as potentially suspicious…". What can be done to unflag as suspicious?

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As you can see mentioned there, this is based on information from Opensea.

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a follow-up question, we noticed that another type of transaction that calls the contract interface did not trigger this warning. Does MetaMask forward all user requests to OpenSea’s service for detection, or only transactions of the direct transfer type?

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Hi! @Chinzilla Any feedback on the above question? Thank you.

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Hi Linda. As i said, this is for user protection.

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Hey @Linda_2024, I’m encountering the same issue with our project. Could you get this resolved?

I get it resolved by contacting Opensea to remove the warning.

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