Thoughts and feedback on the latest version of the extension

I updated the latest version of the extension yesterday. Compared with the old version, the changes in the new version are amazing, especially address management and network management.
After a day of experience, I have some personal thoughts and feedback. They may be unreasonable, so they are for informational purposes only.

1, Whether to display test network is a one-time function for the user, and the user will not use it again for a long time after choosing it. So there is no need to put it in a particularly obvious position, especially since it takes up display space.
I made 2 options based on my understanding.

2, Some commonly used network icons are still replaced by letters, such as Arbitrum. Probably because the icon hasn’t had time to upload yet.

3, Viewing account on the explorer and account details (QR code) are the two functions I often use, and now they are hidden in the address list. If my current address is not on the first page of the list, I need to scroll or search to find this address and then use these functions, which is particularly inconvenient for me.
Since the portfolio already has a link on the main page, can it be removed on more pages and then display those two functions?
This may just be my personal usage habits. If it doesn’t make sense, ignore it. :joy:

4, The text link will usually be highlighted after getting the mouse focus, for example, the color will become darker or the font will become thicker.

5, Visual aspect.
The new version is very concise and clean. However, lines and blocks of background color usually make the page hierarchy clearer, making it easier for users to understand and find the information they need.
The following two pages have different functional levels. However, the entire page is almost all white without any distinction (lines or background color blocks), and the user may feel tired. I tried to add lines according to my understanding.

The above are just my personal thoughts and understanding. If they are unreasonable, please ignore them. :sweat_smile:

You think so ? I didnt ask for this ‘upgrade’ it was automatically forced and now I cant find anything easy. If something isnt broken - dont fix it

I work for a company and we make use of several networks, different seeds and passphrases.

The new interface is a nightmare. Now we have to scroll around lines upon lines of text to find the three dots required to rename a wallet instead of accessing it while on said account on the side like before (we can easily have like third Wallet #10 if we don’t rename it).

Also we would normally be able to quickly send funds between wallets by typing their names but now the search function is broken for the address you own. You are forced to either add to contact every single wallet or, again, scroll down through lines upon lines to find the wallet you are sending to.

So I would honestly prefer a rollback. Some features are just missing now.


This is related - wanted to drop here:

So much this, why is supposed to hiding the account details in a dropdown list is an improvement in the design? Scrolling and looking for a certain wallet is now harder and leading to errors

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