Tokens doesn't show up in app!


I am trying to transfer tokens to a new wallet. The problem is I can’t see some of my tokens in the Metamask app, but they do show up on desktop.
So either can I send NFTs on desktop? And/or what can I do within the app for the tokens to show up? ( The tokens are bought over 1 week ago so that shouldn’t be a problem).

Also, is there a possibility to send the whole account to a new wallet, rather than sending the tokens one by one?

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@ga11 Please note the Metamask extension currently doesn’t support them, only the mobile app, please refer to How do I send/receive/cash out an NFT? – MetaMask (

If you need to import the entire account in a different wallet, you can use the private keys. Please note you will still need to add any tokens (other than native tokens) manually. Further details are available at How to Export an Account Private Key – MetaMask (

I hope this helps, let me know if you need further assistance.


Thanks for info.

I do wonder still about the NFTs that are not showing up in my Metamask app?
I’ve had those NFTs for 1-2 weeks so not clear on why. They do show up in the Metamask desktop though. This one I would like to really know as I’m not quite understanding the export account instructions ( see questions below as well)

As well as I’m not clear on what to do after I export a private key I followed the steps to the “copy private key”, done. But what do I do with that private key after?


Using the private key is for importing that wallet to another app. It is not a new wallet, it is your same wallet which you can import.

But if you want to use a new wallet because this old one could be compromised, for example, you have to transfer all your tokens and NFTs out of the old one and into the new one.

I know this doesn’t solve your problem, just trying to explain the difference.

Also, never share your private key with anyone, it gives full access to your wallet.

Thanks again for your reply.

So the question remaining is why I can’t see the NFTs on Metamask App?

Like that’s only place I can send/transfer from, but they don’t show up in the app??? What do I do. I don’t want to sell them on opensea. I want access to them on Metamask App. Please advice how to solve this.

Did you try to add them manually with the Address and ID on the app?

Also you can check the NFTs of your wallet using etherscan in the ERC-721 area to make sure they are there.

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