Tokens not showing as assets in MM

A faq but the suggested fix doesn’t work for me.
Some Eth I have shows up on Mm , but not 6 smaller coins ( oraichain, radicle etc ) … although they did appear when I swapped into them at beginning of May.
I am awaiting Mm support help on a ticket submitted over 2 weeks ago .
Has the community any suggestions for a fix ?
The coins do show up on ethers an. Thanks folk. U

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Tokens not in the default list tend to drop off your account list for various reasons. If you get the contract and re-add the token, they should show up. One trigger I find is that if you go to swap a token that’s not in the standard list but decide the gas is too high and cancel, it will remove that coin token from your wallet and you have to re-add it. You won’t lose any coins. It will all be there. It just doesn’t show up until you re-add.

Hi did you manage to work out how to add the token to your wallet?
simply go to to coingecko and copy the contract address go back to meta mask at the bottom of list of coins click add token another page will come up on the right see add custom token press that and paste it in the custom token section of add tokens then at the bottom off add tokens it will say add tokens click that and that’s
it they will pop up as long as they are ERC20 tokens if not you will need to main net they are from and if its not added as a default you will need to add it