Token coins now missing... please help

I bought some Erc 2.0 tokens (MIR, SFI, ROOK, ARMOR) via uniswap and they showed up in my metamask account. Now they are missing!

The transaction history is still there and no transactions to show they were removed. But the account still says zero. My eth is still showing okay, but not the tokens. Etherscan still shows them but not metamask.

What is going on and how do I recover them so I can move to another wallet?

I’ve had the same problem after syncing, all my coins disappeared and no response in almost 2 weeks now.

Knightwriter Try add token :point_down: add a custom token

Hi Luigi, thanks I will try that, but the tokens are already added and funds added, they just are showing 0.

When I do that Luigi it says token already added. They were added during the swap of Eth to the tokens.

Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble with your wallet balance. Please try the steps found here.