Transaction confirmation only gas fee and 0 amount shown!

I’m having an issue when I try to send a transaction from a coin A (e.g. $RSR ) to ETH (or any other coin). Once metamask asks me to approve the transaction, all amounts seem correct

e.g. 28000 $RSR → ETH.

Next, brings me to the confirmation screen where I have to approve the Amount + Gas fees, and here I see the GAS fees only but not the $RSR. Essentially, I’m asked to approve a trx which contains ONLY the GAS Fees + 0 amount of token and total = only the GAS fee amount.

Please refer to img attached.

Insight and help on this would be greatly appreciated as NO ONE seems to have an answer for this.

thanks a lot

also to answer from other unanswered locked threads:

“you aren’t doing enough gas”, → I have enough

“just change the spread”, → its the wallet

“just adjust the amount in the confirmation”. - ITS THE WALLET.

Hello, @Gamekilla13
Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Thank you for bringing this up.
This is a known display issue and we are working on getting it fixed soon. (You can track the issue here if you like)
The idea is that since we are swapping RSR to ETH, so RSR is entering the transaction on the swap instead of ETH, Metamask is seeing 0Eth is used for the swap contract, that’s why it’s display 0ETH on this page.


Hello, i have the same issue with ELON to ETH, are u working on it ?

@PaulYenom Hi Welcome to the Metamask Community. This issue is still a work in progress, feel free to track it here