Transaction is succesful but Metamask not see transaction and amount of token are 0

Hi guys,
I was send yesterday from Gateio token SquidGrow, and transaction was successful. I added right address of token which is on BSC (0x7c69a462b475d9037Cf13780247c490F14b700c7) to MetaMask
All other tokens which I was added are showing correct amount. But this token showing 0 amount, even MetaMask not showing this transaction, which are correct.

Here is transaction:

Can you please help what is problem? Why Metamsk not see this transaction and correct ammount of that token.

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Hi @ShoneZullu , welcome to MetaMask community!

According to the transaction hash provided here, you sent the token to the contract address of token and not actually your wallet address, which is relatively lost.

However, you can contact the token creator and attach necessary information maybe they may refund (at their own will).

Next time, make sure you verify your wallet address thoroughly before sending a transaction. Thank you! :fox_face:


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