Transaction confirmed but not received

O made a metamask transaction from bnb to babydoge. I used the correct address. the transaction is complete that the bnbs were sent, but to this day it is not in my wallet.

Transation hash

sorry but how do i do that?

From the transaction hash you posted, it looks like the tokens were sent directly to the contract address. For the majority of tokens, you want to start a smart contract interaction with your wallet and the contract address.
Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reverse a transaction (this is due to the nature of blockchains, not something Metamask can control)

You’ll need to reach out to the projects support team, to see if they have access to that wallet.

Be certain you are speaking with the Projects actual support team. There are tons of people posing as support for many legitimate projects.
Their support won’t ask for seed phrases (Secret Recovery Phrases) nor will they give you one to enter. Those are common scam tactics.

Im not sure if they can, but if they are able to restore your lost tokens, they will only need your public wallet address to do so.
(from the transaction hash you gave that would be: 0xb20028e5c6a707e0d396dd1baa90a2f6b1da8858 - but its good idea to verify that’s the wallet address you see as well)

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