Transaction error eth

I keep getting the following message

Can somebody help me to fix this?


Hi friend! It sounds like you don’t have sufficent funds to pay for the gas fees. Is that not the case?


Thanks for your reply.
This is not the case.
Currently 0,05 eth.
If I try to convert 0.01 eth to USDT the following error apears

Don’t know if I might have changed settings which made that no transaction is coming true.

Hi Sidney,

Currently gas fee is fluctuating, so you need to go with the market rate or higher if you have set lower gas settings or lower than current gwei. Please check here how to customize gas fee and you can also track gas fees from 35 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan


It looks like you have a pending transaction. If you are comfortable with it then please feel free to share your address.
If not then please take a look if you have a pending TX.

To replace or cancel your earlier transactions, you must set the gas price at least 10% higher than the gas price of the pending transaction (not the current gas fee)


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