Transaction failed for binance

Hi guys, could someone help me?

I made a transaction to Binance for 1,795 SLP, the balance left my account, I paid the transaction gas and the amount did not reach Binance. After 4 hours of conversation I was asked to contact MetaMask support to understand what might have happened.

The transaction amount (successful) shows $0.00, but clicking on ‘‘State’’ and then my Account Address shows the following information: Balance: 0.003932439 Ether / EtherValue: $7.18 (@ $1,825.92/ETH) / Token: 447.97 $ (1 Token Contract with the value of 1,795 SLP)

But this amount did not fall into Binance (being in their recipient) and deducted from my balance, what is happening? Did I lose my money?