Transaction is keeps pending and never going through

Hi, I am trying to swap my erc20 SENT token from Ethereum to Cosmos. The transaction is queued keeps in pending state and never finishes. The tx shown in metamask can’t be found in Etherscan. I have tried offering miner tips and max priority but still nothing happens. There is enough fund in the account to fund the transaction. What could be going wrong?
e.g 0x2294d32baf92a155e58b08d7b73cb44d3b2f52e162e8dc6330a13c2e7c5d0b36

I have same problem. It is now day 3 and the transactions are still in ‘pending’ status.

My problem was there was another transaction before that clogging up the cue. Once I cancelled it, SENT token transaction went through

Thank you silentWarrior