Transaction was not minted within 50 blocks

Hello, I faced an issue in my project. The issue is mostly occurred on Polygon network. The issue actually is in Polygon network too but I have some suggestion for metamask as well.

I’m using metmask library on my react project to send transactions to networks. What happened with me is sometime Polygon network fees wildly increases like if I sended the transaction at gas price of 1 matic and till the time it reached to network the network gas price increases to 10 matic and my transaction goes to pending. Metamask will wait for about 50 blocks or 750 seconds to return the transaction status like whether it’s failed or success but nothing happened because transaction is in pending state and it will take more time.

After 50 blocks or 750 seconds it throws this error “Transaction was not minted within 50 blocks…”, I have attached the screen shot for your reference. The issue is not this error the issue is it’s not returning me transaction hash. I need the transaction hash whether the tx is successful, failed or in pending state.

I have made some little change in the library and now I’m getting the txHash with this error but I want to know why metamask team can’t see this issue or what’s the reason not to implement it??

Please don’t suggest me to increase the gas price or to that or that, the issue is not the gas price the issue is not getting tx hash in this scenario


Hey @aman68, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You should be able to find your transaction hash in the block explorer like


Yeah I know, but what I want is to get the tx hash even if metamask is throwing this error because I want to use this transaction hash to track the transaction.
See I made the changes in your library and now I’m getting the tx hash with this error, but why you can’t add this functionality? I just want to know that? Thanks

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Over the past year, the matic chain has often experienced downtime and even failed to complete transactions normally. This is related to the performance of the matic chain itself. If you are a developer, you should take this into account. Many developers have faced the same problems in recent months. I have also met many feedback from many other communities, but there is no solution in the end

Polygon officials have announced that the problems of the chain itself will be handled as soon as possible. Just wait patiently. Many DEX on the polygon chain can not work normally

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Yeah, I know this is a polygon network issue but metamask has to return the txId atleast. Currently it’s throwing error but not returning the tx Id just like it returns in case of Success and Failed.

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Can you send the screenshot? Looks like it’s not in the original post

The thing is metamask has to return the tx hash at any case.
See if the tx move into pending state it still has to return the tx Id with this error.
I think Metamask has to add this in its next release, it’s really worthy. Metamask shouldn’t have to concern about whether tx got failed, success or in pending state it should return tx hash if the transaction goes to blockchain

Currently in our project we need tx hash, which we need to send to backend from frontend side. It works fine in success or failed case but getting error when tx moves to pending state. It’s fine to give error but should return tx Id as transaction goes into blockchain

I am still waiting for your reply?

Sorry for the delay, I was confirming some information.

I’ll bring this up to the team, can you explain the steps you took to get to the error?


What we are doing is that we are using web3 library in our react front end.
We are connecting to metamask and connect with MATIC NETWORK (you can use the test network for testing purpose)
Create a transaction reduce the GAS PRICE as much as possible so that transaction can’t get success nor get failed.
Confirm the transaction and wait till you get this error. You can get this error only if transaction moves to pending state.

What I am looking for:
I don’t have issue with this error, I just want that metamask send the TX ID as well with this error.

Why you have to reduce GAS PRICE:
I already informed you that sometimes MATIC NETWORK wildly increases the NETWORK price and I am well aware of that it’s the issue on MATIC NETWORK and maybe in some other networks as well. Just I want is that I need TX ID with this error.

I am really thankful to you, if you update it in your next release.


Hello, have you discuss with the team? What you have decided?

It has been brought up and I am waiting to hear back. I will update you as soon as I can :slight_smile:


sure, I’m waiting. thanks

Hi, I’m still waiting for your response. Why it’s taking that much time.

It has been brought up to the team :slight_smile:

The team has multiple priorities to work on so it will take some time and not something that can be immediately updated. If you would like to gain more attention for it from the community, you can create a request here: Feature Requests / Ideas - MetaMask

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