Transak no longer supports the purchase of Polygon for US

I have been dealing with Transak support for around four days and they are finally now telling me that they do not support the purchase of Polygon Coins for the US.

This should be a serious and high priority issue for MetaMask to address as this completely puts a stop to all development in the US for anything related to Polygon network, unless the developer already has Polygon Matic.

I have been working not stop for around six weeks to release my projects which came to a complete stop, when it came time to deploy my smart contracts to the Polygon Mainnet. I can not deploy my smart contracts because I can not purchase Matic (or any Poly coin, for that matter) because Metmask does not provide a way to add Polygon coins outside of Transak, in the US.

I have screenshots and I can share the information that Transak has given me stating that they do not support Polygon transactions in the US.

My question is, how long before Metmask finds another company to give us the ability to purchase Polygon Matic?

This is an urgent matter, I would assume. It certainly is for me.

On a side note, If anyone is willing to share 1 Polygon Matic, I would really appreciate it and I will reimburse you through cashapp or Venmo (or some other way, just let me know). 0x390E57Cc5cD3D3bd6E9aB852F569aA79f2fF615e

Metmask support, please help me with this issue as this seems to be something that is a major issue and I am surprised no one has said anything about it.

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Thank you,

OK, after over 40 hours of trying to add Poly MATIC to my Metamask wallet, I have finally succeeded.

The only wallet I can find that allows me to purchase Polygon Matic coins here in the US, after trying at least 10 (I think more), I have found a solution. Just get the “Venly” wallet and you can buy Polygon Matic coins and then you can send them to your metamask, if that is all you can use for deploying your contracts.

Personally, this whole experience has really not been very pleasant with Metamask and Transak.

Good luck with your projects peeps!

Hey @Primal_Father, sorry to hear about the issues getting MATIC into your wallet.

There are several ways you can get MATIC on Polygon outside of Transak, such as through a centralized exchange. You can also get a small amount of MATIC that is enough to cover transaction fees from a faucet for free. Here is an example: