Transfer error and I lost my money

I need to delete my Metamask account because in February I made a withdraw from market place to transfer 0.06 ethereum from my ronin address (ronin:e8dfaea0b4377e90075bae85b122317f6c034833) to my metamask address (0x599f6e84B5B38930A42De215637FD0675595a20E). a fee of 100 USD something that I did not understand and to this day I still do not understand why I had already paid a fee in ronin for said withdraw wait thinking that after time it would be done but today I check and it tells me that it is my withdraw in marketplace is still pending, I enter the Metamask extension in my browser and it tells me to accept said transfer but it charges me a fee of 40 dollars and I tried to cancel it on multiple occasions and it does not proceed, the curious thing is that in the browser extension it gives me the notification to accept said transfer but in the mobile application I do not receive any notification and I do not have any pending in the history. I need my money back and deleting my Metamask account has caused me a lot of problems and I didn’t do anything wrong in the process, I guess it was some problem with the platform in those days, that’s why the problem.

Doing transfers on the ethereum network it pretty expensive. Don’t know if it cost 100 USD, but could be close to that. Do you know if you tried to do a transfer on the Ethereum network ?

Why don’t you just create a new Metamask wallet and use that instead ?

then I already lost that money, I should not be charged for gas in metamask since it was a withdraw in the market and I was charged for gas in ronin x said transfer was going to receive not send in metamask. A friend did it and it didn’t give him a problem rs what I don’t understand that’s why I need someone from support or another category to help me solve the problem.

Hey @Ic3FiR3, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

These are gas fees required to withdraw your funds from the Ronin Bridge to your MetaMask wallet on Ethereum mainnet. Gas fees on Ethereum mainnet can be very volatile and high at times.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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